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Travel Waterproof Backpack

  • Travel Waterproof Backpack
  • New - Outdoor Waterproof Backpack - Travel Mountaineering Backpack
  • Travel waterproof backpack, fully waterproof travel bag
  • Blue 45L large capacity outdoor travel backpack
  • Black 100L outdoor travel waterproof backpack
  • Camouflage backpack, camouflage waterproof bag, military waterproof bag
  • Blue pvc waterproof bag, roll-top waterproof backpack, pvc backpack
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    Travel Waterproof Backpack
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Product Abstract:

Sealcok latest travel waterproof outdoor equipment backpack. Waterproof bag design stylish, innovative, trend. Travel Waterproof Backpack 500D with PVC tarpaulin material. Waterproof backpack with good waterproof function, when you go outdoors hiking or go traveling, they can deal with all kinds of weather.

Product Description

Sealock waterproof travel bag is an ultralight backpack. By leading manufacturing technology , travel shoulder bag with a waterproof breathable mesh . Straps maximized. It has many types to suit any taste and style of the wearer .

In the past decade , Sealock has been designed to bear the weight of a lot of good and a large backpack. Can be used for any outdoor occasion . With such a well-designed product , the trip has brought convenience for everyone . Sealock 's reputation is solid. We have a reliable, durable backpack technology. We have a leading manufacturing technology and professional designers. On Earth, we are the leading manufacturers .

Name: sealock waterproof outdoor hiking travel backpack shoulder

Material : PVC 500D

Dimensions : 40L ( other sizes can be customized )

Color: solid color as shown ( other colors can be customized )

Uses: hiking outdoors as you carry belongings

Main features : waterproof , sand , oil, dust

Sealcok travel bag is designed diverse. It can be used for hiking, but also can be applied to the beach, barbecue and other outdoor activities. It is equipped with a waterproof function. If you are going on vacation , this backpack can actually have the leisure package features. It is a large -capacity , fashionable , good material . Sealock waterproof backpack is a 100% waterproof backpack with .

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